Written By: Dan Pearson
October 25, 2018

Why Bitcoin Casino is Taking Over Online Gambling

Low fees, enhanced transparency and instant withdrawals make digital casinos a perfect option for those who love and appreciate online gambling to the maximum. With the introduction of Cryptocurrency, more specifically Bitcoin, most people said it was a gamble investing in them. Tables have turned as this is the preferred choice for most online gamblers. Bitcoin casino gambling solves all the problems faced by online casino transactions. I fyou are interested in frinding more information, here is  a list of bitcoin casinos.

Benefits of Bitcoin gambling

  1. Faster is Better

Physical casinos face one huge problem that gets to customers nerves. Customer withdrawal takes ages to arrive after major wins, especially for huge amounts. With Bitcoin gambling, this is solved in an instant. Winnings are moved from your casino bankroll into your BTC wallet instantly. Withdrawals from your BTC wallet are also instantaneous.

  1. No unnecessary oversight

Fairness is key for any casino and you would prefer if the casino was registered with an independent party. Online gamblers usually prefer that their often-scrutinized finances separated from their love of gaming. Online web wallets ease this concern especially because they use Bitcoin.

  1. Low to no fees

Bitcoin casinos tend to extend a minimal miner fee for transactions. Transferring Bitcoin is way cheaper than transferring a centralized currency. This gives gamblers more in their bankroll when transacting. Whether it is a deposit or a withdrawal. In some instances, the more the number of withdrawals the higher the fee can become. For those playing on online casinos from foreign countries may be required to pay a currency exchange rate. But with Bitcoin casinos, transactions are universal and such costs are irrelevant and completely removed.

  1. Numerous choices to consider

Online casinos have been hailed for their instant withdrawals and unrivalled user experiences especially those using Bitcoin for transactions. Bitcoin casinos with the best reviews always give land-based casinos a run for their money, as they offer welcome packages including free BTC and spins to new players.

Factors to consider while choosing a Bitcoin Casino

  1. User reviews

It is always important to check the user reviews on any online gambling site that you might be interested in. It is possible for an online Bitcoin casino to be fraudulent just like some online casinos. Luckily, some concerned netizens have come up with bitcoin casino blacklists to caution potential users.


  1. Platform security

Regulations are but the beginning to ensure online security on Bitcoin casinos. Background checks, approval processes for bitcoin gambling licenses ensure that gamblers have some level of legal protection. It is also important to ensure that the site itself is secure with SSL encryption and a certificate of trust.

  1. Winning Odds

Many of the old rules of traditional gambling apply to bitcoin casinos. However, bitcoin casinos offer low house edges compared to traditional land-based casinos and online casinos. Gamblers are advised to look out for bitcoin casinos solely after profit just like traditional casinos.

  1. Bonuses and offers

Bonuses and offers are also important to notice. Due to the competitive nature of the market, most bitcoin casinos offer great bonuses and offers to attract even more potential users.

Gambling always provides a certain level of risk but for those considering bitcoin casinos, they should consider the above factors to ensure they are well protected from fraudsters and other risks.